Business/Medium Mailbox

Business/Medium Mailbox

Here’s What You Get With Your Business/Medium Mailbox:

A Real Street Address, not a P.O. Box Number*
  • A real state street number can provide a professional image for your business.
7 Days a Week Access*
  • Pick up your mail when it’s convenient for you. Your mail and packages stay secure and confidential.
Package Receiving Notification**
  • We will email you when your packages arrive. Also, you can call us to find out if you have any mail or packages.
Mail Holding and Forwarding+

We’ll hold your packages in a secure location for pickup at your convenience or forward them to you whenever you are.

  • PMB Medium/Business: Mail receiving unlimited included whatever fits in your mailbox. 12 packages receiving included each month and holding up to 3 days are included each month. After 12 packages, there are handling fees of $5.00 for each package.
  • PMB Insurance: All kinds of loss or damages will cover up to $100.00 under our insurance.
  • All mailbox sales are final and non-refundable.

Keep Your Business On Schedule*

Just like the keys to your home, car, and office, the key to your mailbox from the “AHMAD PACK N SHIP” store are an important part of your everyday business. Our Mailbox offers Quick and Easy access 7 days a week during store hours and kept in a secure location. In simplest terms, when you put us on your keyring, your business stays on track.


3 MONTHS | $60 PER MO/180

6 MONTHS | $50 PER MO/300

12 MONTHS | $45 PER MO/540

What Will Your Mailing Address Look Like?

Example: Your Name/Business Name (ABC LLC)

2196 3rd avenue

PMB 123 or #123

New York, NY 10035